www.newsteadroses.comWeeping Roses 6 foot

Name Fragrance Color Status
Bloomfield Courage
red with white centre Single Miniature; Weeper (1 Left)
Buff Beauty * buff apricot Hybrid Musk, Repeat; Tall Standard
Cecile Brunner * soft pink Miniature, Polyantha; Weeper
Crepuscule * apricot Noisette, Repeat; Weeper
bright red Single, Semi-repeat; Tall Standard
Lamarque *** lemon yellow/white Noisette, Repeat; Weeper
Main au Feur   red Single Miniature, Repeat; Tall Standard
Pierre de Ronsard
white base with pink edges

Modern Climber, Repeat; Tall Standard (1 Left)

apple blossom pink Miniature, Repeat; Weeper
Seafoam   white Miniature, Repeat; Weeper
Teasing Georgia * soft yellow David Austin, Repeat; Tall Standard
Tess of the d'Urbervilles * red David Austin, Repeat; Tall Standard
The Fairy   pink Miniature, Repeat; Weeper
William Morris * apricot David Austin, Repeat; Tall Standard