www.newsteadroses.comHybrid Tea Roses

Name Fragrance Color & Description Status (Repeat-Flowering)
Aoteroa *** soft pink  
Alexander   tall upright growth of bright orange medium sized blooms  
Avon ** dark velvety red  
Baron de Rothchild   rich dark pink with cream undersides  
Bewitched ** carnation pink blooms with strong growth habit  
Black Velvet
very dark velvety red almost black  
Blue Moon *** elegant long pointed buds of soft mauve  
strong growing apricot-orange  
Broadway   creamy yellow base with dark pink edges  
Buccaneer   yellow  
Camp David ** full long lasting blooms with dark red tones  
Charles de Gaulle *** strong growing habit of dark mauve long lasting blooms  
Chicago Peace ** large heavily petalled blooms of dark pink and apricot base  
Command Performance   orange  
Crimson Glory *** rich dark velvety red  
Dolly Parton ** big blooms of dark orange red  
Double Delight **** creamy white base with red frilly edges  
dark rose pink blooms with free flowering habit  
Eiffel Tower ** long pointed buds of carnation pink  
large long lasting blooms of lemon yellow  
First Love *
elegant long pointed buds of dusty pink  
Fragrant Charm   heavily petalled crimson red  
Fragrant Cloud *** large blooms of salmon orange  
Fragrant Plum ** dark mauve and plum shades  
Gold Medal
deep yellow with pink edges fading with age  
Golden Giant ** creamy yellow  
Granada   yellow base blended with coral pink edges  
Harry Wheatcroft   yellow and cherry red stripes  
Helmut Schmidt * yellow picking rose  
Hocus Pocus   dark burgundy red with yellow stripes  
J.F.K.   pure white  
Joyfulness * light apricot and pink shades  
Julia's Rose
unusual coppery antique brown  
Just Joey *** large frilly edged blooms of pure dark apricot  
Kronenburg   red with creamy undersides  
Las Vegas   striking bright orange  
Lolita ** dark apricot blend  
bright red picking rose  
Manau Meilland   abundant blooms of dark pink  
Memoire   heavily petalled white  
Mme President * camellia-like blooms of soft pink  
Mr Lincoln *** large dark red shades changing to burgundy with age  
My Choice *** attractive full blooms of dark pink with yellow undersides  
Northern Lights   soft lemon yellow  
Oklahoma **** heavily petalled rick dark velvety red  
Olympic Torch   white base with dark pink edges  
Ophelia *** soft creamy apricot  
Osiria   red with white undersides  
Papa Meilland *** dark velvety red  
Paradise * shades of dark and light mauve  
Parole * very large and eyecatching dark cerise pink blooms  
strong growing pure white picking rose  
Peace *** classic soft yellow base with pink edges, changing with age  
Perfume Delight **** dark abundant blooms of rose pink  
Peter Frankenfeld
long lasting classic dark lipstick pink  
Princess de Monaco
ivory white with pink edges, good for picking  
Queen Adelaide *** frilly heavily petalled dark pink with healthy habit  
Queen Elizabeth
tall upright medium pink  
Royal Dane ** large blooms of coral orange  
Silk Hat   dark shades mauve pink  
Specs Yellow   pure yellow  
Spiced Coffee * creamy light coffee  
classic pure butter yellow  
Super Star   medium sized blooms of coral orange  
Susan * soft pink  
Tarantella   red and pink tones with cream center  
Tatjana *** strong growing dark red with good shapely bush  
Tiffany *** classic shaped mid pink with abundant blooms  
Tineke ** heavily petalled frilly creamy white  
Valencia   upright creamy yellow picking rose  
Vienna Charm   dark apricot  
Vol de Nuit
soft mauve