www.newsteadroses.com Climbing Roses

Name Fragrance Color & Description Status
Albertine **** very vigorous old world style peachy pink

old fashioned, 4-6m, spring-summer flowering with some repeat in autumn

single bright velvety red

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Angel Face **** frilly edged dark mauve semi-double

modern climber, repeat 4-6m

clusters of abundant miniature white blooms with dense thornless foilage

wild rose, miniature, spring-summer flowering, 6-8m

Banksia   clusters of abundant miniature yellow blooms with dense thornless foliage

wild rose, miniature, spring-summer flowering, 6-8m,

Bettina   orange modern climber, repeat
Black Boy *** rich dark velvety red with loose petals and sparce foliage, flowering early and later in the season

alister clark, semi-repeat 4-6m

Blue Moon *** large classic style soft mauve blooms

hybrid tea, repeat

Buff Beauty * old world style buff apricot, health growth habit with blooms holding well on the bush

old fashioned, repeat, 3-4m

Cecile Brunner * small button-hole pale pink clustered blooms

polyantha, miniature, spring-summer with some repeat in autumn 6-8m

Clair Martin * semi-double creamy soft pink, almost continuous blooming from spring to autumn

modern climber, repeat 4-6m

Crepuscule * loose petalled medium sized buff apricot blooms with dense foilage and not too many thorns

noisette, repeat, 3-4m

Crimson Glory **** large velvety red classic style blooms

hybrid tea, repeat 4-6m

single bright red

spring-summer flowering with some repeat in autumn, 3-4m

Dublin Bay
mid to bright red, lasting well on bush

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Dune   yellow

delbard, repeat

Edith Holden   semi double blooms of copper brown

modern climber, repeat, 3m

First Love   elegant blooms of dusty pink

modern climber, repeat

Fourth of July   semi-double yellow base with shades of pink & red stripes

modern climber, repeat 4-6m

Gold Bunny
bright yellow blooms lasting well on bush

floribunda, repeat, 6-8m

Golden Gate   yellow modern climber, repeat
Guinea ** dark velvety red showing yellow stamen

old fashioned, semi-repeat

Guy Savoy   magenta pink with delicate stripes of white

delbard, repeat, 3m

Handel   yellow base with cherry red edges

modern climber, repeat, 3-4m

pure white

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Just Joey *** large blooms of pure apricot with ruffled edges

hybrid tea, repeat, 4-6m

Laguna *** large blooms of heavily petalled magenta pink

modern climber, repeat

Lamarque *** old world style soft lemon yellow

noisette, repeat, 4-6m

Lorraine Lee **** vigorious growth with lush foilage of dark watermelon pink almost semi-double blooms

alister clark, repeat, 6-8m

Meg   soft creamy peach

single, repeat

Mme Alfred Carriere *** old world style of dainty pure white

noisette, repeat, 6-8m

Mme Gregoire Staechelin *** mid. pink almost semi-double blooms

also called Spanish Climber, spring flowering, 6-8m

Mr Lincoln *** dark red

hybrid tea , repeat, 6-8m

Nahema **** soft pink with cupped petals

delbard, repeat, 3m

Nancy Hayward single blooms of eye-catching cherry red

Alister Clark , Repeat

New Dawn * healthy growth habit of abundant satin pale pink blooms

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Ophelia *** soft peach

modern climber, repeat

Papa Meilland *** dark velvety red

hybrid tea, repeat, 4-6m

Papi Delbard   heavily petalled peachy pink blend

delbard, repeat, 3-4m

Peace *** yellow with pink edges

hybrid tea, repeat, 6-8m

Peter Frankenfeld   classic style dark lipstick pink modern climber, repeat
Pierre de Ronsard
cupped blooms of white with dark pink edges

hybrid tea, repeat, 2.5-3m

Pinkie *
informal and plentiful blooms dark pink with healthy dense foliage

miniature, repeat, 4-6m

Pink Perpetue
dark pink

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Pride of Venus *** soft lemon yellow

modern climber, repeat, 2.5-3m

Red Pierre * cupped blooms of heavily petalled dark red

modern climber, repeat, 2.5-3m

clusters of small apple blossom pink with yellow stamen, foliage looks like jasmine and is almost thornless

miniature, repeat, 3-6m

Renown's Desert Glow   dark orange

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Royal Gold   yellow

modern climber, repeat

Salmon Sensation   salmon pink

modern climber, repeat

Soaring Spirits   pink and cream stripes on frilled petals modern climber, repeat
Social Climber   dark pink

modern climber, repeat

Sombreuil *** densely petalled and quartered creamy white

tea rose, repeat, 4-6m

Souv. de la Malmaison *** old world style soft creamy pink

bourbon; repeat, 6-8m (Sold Out)

Super Star   medium blooms of pure orange modern climber, repeat
Sympathie * clusters of medium red blooms

modern climber, repeat, 3-4m

Titian   pink modern climber, repeat,
Twilight Glow * healthy lime green foliage with large apricot blooms

modern climber, repeat, 4-6m

Wedding Day
clusters of miniature single white abundant blooms

gentiliana, spring-summer flowering 8m+

Westerland ** medium sized orange apricot blooms

floribunda; repeat, 4-6m

Zepherine Drouhin *** informal style medium sized dark pink blooms on almost thornless foliage

bourbon, repeat,, 4-6m